The Haze MythWeb Skin

About the Haze Skin

Haze is a skin for MythWeb (version 0.20), the web frontend to the excellent MythTV open source PVR

It comes in two flavours (each actually a skin in its own right).

Haze Dark:

Haze Dark Icons

Haze Light:

Haze Light Icons

The skin aims to provide a consistent Look and feel accross the MythWeb modules with a high gloss modern appearence and 3D icons.
For example a consistent set of module and weather icons:
Haze Weather Icons

Installing The Haze Skins

Download one or both of the Haze skins:

Haze Dark (Last updated 12 Jun 2007)
Haze Light (Last updated 12 Jun 2007)

Then unpack the tarball to the skins directory in the location of your MythWeb installation (e.g. in Fedora /var/www/html/mythweb/skins) using:

tar xvjpf haze_dark.tar.bz2 -C /var/www/html/mythtv/skins

In MythWeb enter the settings module and then click on MythWeb session settings.
Change the MythWeb skin setting to Select glaze_light or glaze_dark and click save.


A number of icons are copied or devired from other icons available under open source licenses:
All SVG icons designed by myself were created in the highly recommended Inkscape software.

Image Source Files

The majority of the icons used in this theme are available as svg files here.
The exception to this is the settings icon and music icon. If anyone has the origional artwork for these icons in svg format please let me know!


Haze Dark Haze Light
welcome welcome dark welcome light
TV Guide
program listing dark program listing light
Statistics statistics dark statistics light
program listing legend dark program listing legend light
upcoming dark upcoming light
recorded dark recorded light

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